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1979 films - reviews

Manhattan 1979

Author of television comedies goes through painful transformation when his wife leaves him for another woman and describes their failed marriage in her book.

Manhattan 1979 film review

Alien 1979

The crew of a spacecraft encounters on one of the planets previously unknown lifeform that is not only growing at an alarming rate, but it soon turns out to be deadly.
Sci fi filmHorror film

Alien 1979 film review

1941 1979

United States

Apocalypse Now 1979

aka Apocalypse Now Redux, United States

Escape to Athena 1979

United Kingdom

I as in Icarus 1979

aka I... comme Icare, France

Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres 1979


Life of Brian 1979

United Kingdom

Mad Max 1979


Murder by Decree 1979

United Kingdom

Operation Himmler 1979

aka Operacja Himmler, Poland

Stalker 1979

Soviet Union

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders 1979


Zulu Dawn 1979

United Kingdom