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1973 films - reviews

The Sting 1973

Two petty crooks plan to take revenge on the gangster responsible for death of their friend. And they do it the only way they know - by preparing a swindle.
Gangster filmComedyDetective comedy

The Sting 1973 film review

Scarecrow 1973

Petty criminal and former sailor travel through United States - one tries to open his own business, the other wants to see his child and ex-girlfriend.

Scarecrow 1973 film review

Don’t Look Now 1973

After tragic death of their daughter a married couple moves to Venice, where John will be restoring old church. The later events will make him question his own sanity.
DramaMysticismPsychological drama

Don’t Look Now 1973 film review

The Big Feast 1973

Four friends decided to leave this world in a very unusual way - they plan to eat until they die of overeating.
DramaPsychological drama

The Big Feast 1973 film review

Paper Moon 1973

Petty fraudster accidentally becomes, for some time, a guardian of young girl and discovers that she can be quite useful to him in his next frauds.
DramaAdventure filmComedy

Paper Moon 1973 film review

Carry On Girls 1973

United Kingdom

Executive Action 1973

United States

Now Where Did the Seventh Company Get to? 1973

aka Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie, France

The Dominici Affair 1973

aka L’affaire Dominici, France

The Olsen Gang Goes Crazy 1973


The Wicker Man 1973

United Kingdom