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1970 films - reviews

Little Big Man 1970

Jack grew up among the Cheyenne, then he was a prisoner of the US Army and spent his life on the border between the two cultures. Through his lifestory we see the price Indians paid for the growth of the United States.
Historical dramaComedyWestern film

Little Big Man 1970 film review

The Wild Child 1970

In 1798 a boy who lived like an animal in the woods, was found in France. He had no idea of the civilization surrounding him, doctor Jean Itard decides to teach him the world.
Psychological dramaDrama

The Wild Child 1970 film review

The Butcher 1970

Lonely teacher Helena gets involved with local butcher, veteran of war in Indochina, Popaul. When police begins to search for murderer of women she gets suspicious.
Psychological dramaCrime storyMystery film

The Butcher 1970 film review

Black Brigade 1970

aka Carter’s Army, United States

Carry On Loving 1970

United Kingdom

Carry On Up The Jungle 1970

United Kingdom

Catch-22 1970

United States

Cromwell 1970

United Kingdom

How I Unleashed World War II 1970

aka Jak rozpetalem druga wojne swiatowa, Poland

Kelly’s Heroes 1970

United States

Le gendarme en balade 1970


MASH 1970

United States

Patton 1970

United States

Red Rowan 1970

aka Jarzebina Czerwona, Poland

The McKenzie Break 1970

United Kingdom

The Taste of the Black Earth 1970

aka Sól ziemi czarnej, Poland

Too Late the Hero 1970

United States

Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970

United States