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1968 films - reviews

Barbarella 1968

Interstellar agent Barbarella gets another assignment - she is ordered to find a scientist Durand, who came into possession of a very dangerous weapon. Baraberella herself is also very dangerous, but due to her sex-appeal.
Sci fi filmComedy

Barbarella 1968 film review

The Tattoo 1968

The merchant of art discovers the unique piece, drawing of Modigliani, on which he can earn a fortune. But there is one minor technical problem - the drawing is in a form of tattoo on the back of a former soldier of the Foreign Legion.

The Tattoo 1968 film review

Isadora 1968

This is a biography of a great dancer and dance reformer from the early twentieth century, Isadora Duncan. In the era of classic ballet Isadora rebels against the rigid rules of dance, becomes a precursor of the new style.

Isadora 1968 film review

The Bride Wore Black 1968

Young woman dressed in black is looking for men and the right moment to attack and kill them. At the same time she must act fast enough not to be caught. But her victims are not entirely accidental.
Crime story

The Bride Wore Black 1968 film review

2001: A Space Odyssey 1968

United States

Attack on the Iron Coast 1968

United States

Bullitt 1968

United States

Carry On Up The Khyber 1968

United Kingdom

Destination Berlin 1968

aka Kierunek Berlin, Poland

Ice Station Zebra 1968

United States

Le gendarme se marie 1968


The Charge of the Light Brigade 1968

United Kingdom

The Green Berets 1968

United States

The Olsen Gang 1968

aka Olsen-banden, Denmark

The Thomas Crown Affair 1968

United States

Where Eagles Dare 1968

United States