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1967 films - reviews

Beauty of the Day 1967

Severine, a bored wife of a doctor, decides to change something in her life. She chooses to become a prostitute.

Beauty of the Day 1967 film review

Wait Until Dark 1967

Blind woman is trapped in her appartment with 3 criminals, and despite her disability she has to face the fight that may cost her life.
Crime storyMystery film

Wait Until Dark 1967 film review

Play Time 1967

Monsieur Hulot gets lost in a maze of modern architecture in office building and ends up in places he did not planned to visit.

Play Time 1967 film review

In Cold Blood 1967

In 1959 murder in small town shook the whole United States. No one could undestand why the whole family was killed in cold blood in their own home. Both perpetrators were quickly arrested and brought to trial.
Crime storyCourtroom drama

In Cold Blood 1967 film review

The Graduate 1967

Young man becomes a target for his rich neighbor - she will not give up until she will seduce him.

The Graduate 1967 film review

Peppermint Frappe 1967

His friend’s wife becomes obsession of doctor Jose Vazquez. He can’t get that woman, so he starts transforming his employee, Ana, who is in love with him, into a copy of the object of his desire.
Psychological dramaThriller

Peppermint Frappe 1967 film review

I Even Met Happy Gypsies 1967

The story takes place in Yugoslavia in the 1960s, in the Gypsy community. Young Bora falls in love with Tisa, but in their community arranged marriages are the norm. The young people can’t accept it.

I Even Met Happy Gypsies 1967 film review

A Countess from Hong Kong 1967

Russian countess Natasha without money or passport lives in Hong Kong working as a dancer. At all costs she tries to get to the United States, especially after she met the rich American Ogden Mears.
Romantic comedy

A Countess from Hong Kong 1967 film review

Beach Red 1967

United States

Billion Dollar Brain 1967

United Kingdom

Carry On Doctor 1967

United Kingdom

Carry On Follow That Camel 1967

United Kingdom

Fantomas versus Scotland Yard 1967


Frozen Flashes 1967

aka Die gefrorenen Blitze, Germany

How I Won the War 1967

United Kingdom

The 25th Hour 1967

aka La vingt-cinquième heure, France

The Dirty Dozen 1967

United States

The Killer Leaves a Trace 1967

aka Morderca zostawia ślad, Poland

The Night of the Generals 1967

United Kingdom

Westerplatte 1967