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1962 films - reviews

Doctor No 1962

British agent James Bond is sent on his first mission - he has to stop the evil mastermind from sending the rockets on the cities.
Crime storyAdventure filmSpy film

Doctor No 1962 film review

Harakiri 1962

In medieval Japan, samurai that has covered his name with shame os preparing to commit the ritual harakiri, but his story is not as simple as it seems.
Historical dramaDrama

Harakiri 1962 film review

To Kill a Mockingbird 1962

Local lawyer in one of the southern states is defending black man accused of raping white woman. He has to face not only the evidence, but also the pressure from the community.
DramaCourtroom drama

To Kill a Mockingbird 1962 film review

Divorce Italian Style 1962

Baron Cefalu meets a young and beautiful Angela, whom he would like to marry, but he is already married to despotic Rosalia. However, the Italian law does not allow him to take a divorce, so the baron finds another solution to this situation.
ComedyCrime story

Divorce Italian Style 1962 film review

The Knife in the Water 1962

While on the way to sail on Mazury Lakes married couple picks up a hitchhiker. His presence on the yacht changes the relations between them.

The Knife in the Water 1962 film review

The Damned 1962

While touring a picturesque English town an American tourist is attacked and mugged. Soon he discovers that nothing in this town is what it seems to be.
Sci fi filmHorror film

The Damned 1962 film review

Carry On Cruising 1962

United Kingdom

Hell Is for Heroes 1962

United States

The Interns 1962

United States

The Longest Day 1962

United States

The Password Is Courage 1962

United Kingdom