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Winona Ryder film reviews

Winona Ryder

American actress


A Scanner Darkly

as Donna Hawthorne

Rock Slyde 2006

Undercover cop is infiltrating the group of dealers, but at the same time he becomes addicted to the drug they are selling. From that point he is no longer sure on which side he really is.


Black Swan

as Beth MacIntyre

Rock Slyde 2010

Talented ballet dancer is given a chance of her lifetime to play the main part in Swan Lake. But the part will require not only the skills, but also the right state of mind.


Turks & Caicos

as Melanie Fall

Rock Slyde 2014

Former MI5 agent left the country to get away from the world of deception and settled on Turks & Caicos, but soon the demons of the past catch up with him.

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