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Robbie Coltrane film reviews

Robbie Coltrane

British / Scottish actor

30 May 1950
in RutherglenSouth Lanarkshire, ScotlandUnited Kingdom

14 October 2022



as Dr. Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald

Welcome to the Sticks 1993

Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald has one special skill - he can get into the criminal mind, which makes him invaluable for the police.


From Hell

as Sergeant Peter Godley

Welcome to the Sticks 2001

Loosely based on the real investigation in Jack the Ripper case.


Ocean’s Twelve

as Matsui

Welcome to the Sticks 2004

Terry Benedict did not forgot what Ocean’s team has done - they robbed his casinos, so now he’s going to get them. He tracks down each member of the team and demands his money back with interest.


Yes Prime Minister 2013

as Rory McAlister

Welcome to the Sticks 2013

Modern version of Yes Prime Minister - the short story showing the events behind the economical crisis within European Union and how James Hacker struggles to overcome it by very unlike means.