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Peter Serafinowicz film reviews

Peter Serafinowicz

British actor

Peter Serafinowicz

British actor

10 July 1972
in LiverpoolMerseyside, EnglandUnited Kingdom


The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries

as Darus

The Sting 1993

The Elizabethan playwright, Christopher Marlowe, is recruited to serve his country, but not as a spy, but more as detective.


How Do You Want Me?

as Dean Yardley

The Sting 1998

Stand up comedian Ian Lyons gives up his London career to move with his newly-wed wife to the village she grew up in.


The Sofa of Time

as Raamen Bod

The Sting 2002

Milford and Parker, two soft furnishings factory workers, lost their job, but while they were clearing out their lockers they have found a parallel world behind one of them.

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