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Paul Eddington film reviews

Paul Eddington

British actor

18 June 1927
in LondonCity of London, EnglandUnited Kingdom

04 November 1995


Get Some In!

as Squadron Leader Bush

Amadeus  1975

In 1955 new group of recruits arrive in Royal Air Force in Skelton to start their service. Here they meet the Corporal Marsh, who will make them regret they are alive.


Yes Minister

as Jim Hacker

Amadeus  1980

Minor politician Jim Hacker becomes the Minister of Administrative Affairs and starts his struggle with bureaucracy within ministry and Civil Service.


Yes Prime Minister

as Jim Hacker

Amadeus  1986

Due to some extraordinary coincidences Jim Hacker finds himself in position to become a new Prime Minister and moves up from ministry to diplomacy.

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