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Natalie Portman film reviews

Natalie Portman

American actress

09 June 1981
in JerusalemJerusalemIsrael


V for Vendetta

as Evey Hammond

The Sting 2005

When fascist-like government takes over United Kingdom, United States are in the middle of second civil war and Europe is attacked by the St. Mary’s Virus, what the world needs is a man with vision. And a ruthless plan how to turn this vision into reality.


Black Swan

as Nina Sayers

The Sting 2010

Talented ballet dancer is given a chance of her lifetime to play the main part in Swan Lake. But the part will require not only the skills, but also the right state of mind.



as Lena

The Sting 2018

Scientists enter area known as "the shimmer", in which previous expedition have vanished with only one survivor returning, but unable to give them much data as he seems to have some kind of memory problems.

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