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Jeffrey Tambor film reviews

Jeffrey Tambor

American actor


The Larry Sanders Show

as Hank Kingsley

The Sting 1992

Sitcom centered around host of a late night talk show.


Article 99

as Dr. Leo Krutz

The Sting 1992

This movie shows a reality of Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Kansas City where war veterans are treated by the heartless bureaucracy like unneeded corps.


Radioland Murders

as Walt Whalen, Jr.

The Sting 1994

During the live radio show someone is killing the people involved and it is up to a writer to solve the mystery and win back his soon to be ex-wife.



as Adam Shadowchild

The Sting 2011

Two British comic fans accidentally discover the real alien while driwing along Area 51.


The Death of Stalin

as Georgy Malenkov

The Sting 2017

In 1953 Joseph Stalin’s terror in Soviet Union reached the new heights with another wave of arrests and executions when the dictator suddenly collapses in his dacha.

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