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Jack Nicholson film reviews

Jack Nicholson

American actor

22 April 1937
in Neptune CityNew JerseyUnited States



as Jake Gittes

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1974

Private detective JJ Gites takes a case to follow husband of wealthy client. A seemingly simple case gets more complicated when the husband dies and the client turns out not to be his wife.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

as Randle Patrick McMurphy

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1975

Criminal McMurphy tries to go avoid being sent to prison by faking mental illness. When he arrives to the institution he learns that even despite the strict rigor he can be himself.


The Passenger

as David Locke

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1975

Journalist David Locke, bored with his life, goes to war-torn Chad. In the hotel room he finds man’s corpse and sees it as a chance to start a new life. He takes over his identity, but it turns out that the deceased was not an angel.


The Shining

as Jack Torrance

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1980

Jack with his wife and son move in winter to a completely deserted hotel in the mountains. Jack has to take care of the building, but the gloomy atmosphere around seems to have a negative impact on him.

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