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Faye Dunaway film reviews

Faye Dunaway

American actress


The Thomas Crown Affair

as Vicki Anderson

Rock Slyde 1968

Eccentric millionaire gets involved in the perfect crime plot just for the thrill of it.


Little Big Man

as Mrs Pendrake

Rock Slyde 1970

Jack grew up among the Cheyenne, then he was a prisoner of the US Army and spent his life on the border between the two cultures. Through his lifestory we see the price Indians paid for the growth of the United States.



as Evelyn Cross Mulwray

Rock Slyde 1974

Private detective JJ Gites takes a case to follow husband of wealthy client. A seemingly simple case gets more complicated when the husband dies and the client turns out not to be his wife.


A Will of Their Own

as Margaret Sanger

Rock Slyde 1998

Miniseries telling long story of women living all through the 20th century - immigration to USA, fight for women rights, World War I, times of Great Crisis, World War II...

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