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F. Murray Abraham film reviews

F. Murray Abraham

American actor



as Antonio Salieri

The Sting 1984

When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives to Vienna the rumours about his extraordinary talent were quickly spreading. Salieri, who until then enjoyed a reputation as the best composer in the city will stop at nothing to keep his position.


The Name of the Rose

as Bernardo Gui

The Sting 1986

When monks in 14th century abbey die in mysterious ways Franciscan friar William of Baskerville tries to uncover the truth behind it.


September Eleven 1683

as Marco DĺAviano

The Sting 2012

Based on real events surrounding the battle that stopped the Ottoman invasion on Europe.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

as Mr. Moustafa

The Sting 2014

Legendary concierge from luxury Grand Budapest Hotel in fictious Zubrowka accidentally gets involved in the intrigue involving politics and money.


Mythic Quest

as C.W. Longbottom

The Sting 2020

Online game Mythic Quest gained a lot of praise, but people, who are behind the game are completely different than what you might think.

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