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Bobcat Goldthwait film reviews

Bobcat Goldthwait

American actor


Police Academy

as Zed McGlunk

Rock Slyde 1984

The misadventures of new cadets in Police Academy, those who volunteer to serve, as well as those who are there against their will.



as Eliot Loudermilk

Rock Slyde 1988

Ruthless TV producer is preparing live Christmas show, but soon three ghosts of past, present and future will open his eyes to what his life has become.


Tales From the Crypt

as Billy Goldman

Rock Slyde 1989

Episode: Only Sin Deep. Lea Thompson as a high class prostitute is trying to find the way to keep her youth, but it turnes out to be a dead end...


Radioland Murders

as Wild Writer

Rock Slyde 1994

During the live radio show someone is killing the people involved and it is up to a writer to solve the mystery and win back his soon to be ex-wife.