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Adeel Akhtar film reviews

Adeel Akhtar

British actor



as Ray

The Sting 2011

The everyday ups and downs of the staff in Valco supermarket in Watford - the mild-natured manager, his nervous assistant, lazy staff and unpleasant customers.


The Job Lot

as George Dhot

The Sting 2013

Trish Collingwood is a middle-aged manager of busy job center somewhere in England. She is very enthusiastic about her job, but her staff is far from being devoted to their job.


War Book

as Mo

The Sting 2014

Eight civil servants locked in small room have to decide if United Kingdom will enter the nuclear war... It is just hypothetical scenario, but the question is real.



as DS Ira King

The Sting 2015

Detective John River and his partner Jackie Stevenson chase after a murder suspect through streets of London. The suspect falls to his death, but for River this is just the beginning, because he can see the dead. Dead like Jackie has been for past two weeks...

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